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Can you guess the movie based on keira Knightley?

If you like keira Knightley and you are a regular visitor to cinemas, then you may like this test. Test your movie knowledge with this famous actre...

Guess the movie with Cameron Diaz in one frame.

Who doesn't know Cameron Diaz with an unforgettable smile? For more than 20 years, she has been acting in films and has about fifty films on he...

Test on women in movies. Guess the movie by frame.

Let's remember famous movies about women. You need to guess each movie by one frame. Easy? Verify.
Test yourself with a test.

Can you guess the movie based on Brad pitt?

Google recognized brad pitt as the most popular actor of 2016. How well do you remember his roles? Check yourself with a test.

How well do you know the movie "Escape from Shawshank"?

"Escape from Shawshank" is recognized as one of the best films of all time. We offer you to take a test together and remember the plot of...

Movie test on films with Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor and producer, winner of the Golden globe and Academy awards .Find out how well you know the movies with it.<...

Guess which movies these animals are from?

With the help of our test, you need to remember in which pictures animals were shot, which became popular after the film was released on the screen...

Could you get out of the deadly maze?

If you were in the world of the maze Runner.. Could you have survived?

How well do you remember the TV series of the ' 90s? Test for experts.

This test will show how well you remember the cult series that everyone watched as children and teenagers. Check if you can guess the serie...