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Do you remember the movie 1+1 well?

The French Comedy masterpiece based on real events was released in 2011 and since then has managed to win the well-deserved love of viewers around ...

How well do you know the movies "taxi"?

We suggest you remember all the parts of the French Comedy action movie. Good luck!

Guess a Hollywood movie based on a kiss scene?

We remembered famous kisses from the movies.Name the movies that these kisses are from. Good luck.

Can you guess a Disney cartoon from a cat?

The rules of the test are very simple: we show you a frame with a cat, and you guess the cartoon!
Good luck!

Guess the disney cartoon by the quote.

Ready to take a test that will show how closely you watched cartoons.Then prepare your memory! Good luck!

Can you remember the names of all the Disney characters?

This interesting test will test your knowledge of the names of characters from disney/Pixar cartoons. Good luck!

How well do you remember the cartoon "Beauty and the beast"?

We suggest you take a test and find out if you remember the cartoon well.
Good luck!

How well do you remember the lion King cartoon?

This animated film by Walt Disney studios was watched by all children of that time. But do you remember it so well at the moment? Can you answer si...

How much of an expert are you on Aladdin?

Remember the cartoon "Aladdin"? It was used for this complex but very informative test. Which will not only test your knowledge, but will...

Can you recognize a Disney cartoon from a frame without the main character?

This is a difficult test for real cartoon lovers.Will you be able to understand from the frame without the main characters, which cartoon is in fro...